Betaplan d.o.o., Bukovžlak 109, 3000 Celje

Betaplan d.o.o.

Our guiding principles are trust, responsibility, diligence and dedication

The name Betaplan originates in the Greek letter β, which represents something that is constant or dependable. The team at Betaplan are a group of faithful sales agents with a combined 60 years experience that joined together to start a company with a vision of providing dependable high-quality medical and healthcare products.

When you partner with Betaplan, you will love to work with our team of qualified expects with years of experience in medical engeneering, medical staff training, delivery and installation of medical and general furniture, supply of medical devices and disposables and after-sale maintenance and support.

Specialises knowledge
Strategic partnership in Slovenia and abroad

We highly value our customers opinion

We have been working with Betaplan for many years because they have proven, with their expert approach, excellent communication, and professional attitude, that they are a business partner worthy of our trust. We highly recommend them.

Robert JakominCEO Karl Storz Endoskopija d.o.o.

Expert consultancy and professional approach

Regular training and participation at expert seminars guarantee perfect services according to your wishes and needs.